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About Company

ITX Solutions has been started in 2017.We provide solutions that allow global technology companies to accelerate and de-risk their business growth while also allowing Indian companies to benefit from world-class technology solutions. We have the best experienced professionals who provide the best service. If you are looking for safe and secure electronic waste recycling services to dispose E-wastein your organization. Please Feel to get in touch with us to make this planet pollution free and make better place for the future generation.


About E-waste

Every aspect of our lives generates waste, but e-waste is the most harmful to the environment. This is why it is critical to properly recycle electronic waste. The concept of safe electronic disposal is still in its early stages in India.We want to provide every Indian, corporate& business house, and general public with world-class e-waste recycling and disposal facilities so that no one is hurt when we throw away our computer or printer.